Rif, Money On Chain and Defiant will be presented at a DeFi meeting for Bitcoin on RSK

On Thursday, June 18, a virtual meeting will be held where Rif, Money On Chain and Defiant will present at the DeFi for Bitcoin Evolution on RSK. The speakers will be Maximiliano Del Hoyo, Manuel Ferrari, Bruno Calmels and Sergio Bravo.

The meeting will take place at 2 pm (Argentina and Uruguay time), at 12 pm (Mexico, Peru, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia and Texas time), at 1 pm (Chile, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela and Florida time).

Money On Chain announced the launch of the Rif On Chain DeFi platform
Topics to be covered

Maximiliano del Hoyo, DeFi Lead at IOV Labs, will make an introduction and comment some tips for those projects interested in developing on RSK (Bitcoin’s Sidechain).

Manuel Ferrari , co-founder of Money On Chain, will make an introduction to the DeFi project, which includes the first stablecoin using Bitcoin as collateral. He will then give a live demonstration of the use of the platform.

The CEO of IOVLabs said that in the blockchain industry there could be a reduction in investments, by the Covid-19
Defiant co-founders Bruno Calmels and Sergio Bravo will also present their wallet. Finally, there will be a round open for questions.

The meetingup is organized by DeFi Lab Dao, and Money On Chain, RSK, and Defiant collaborate.