QASH Token – All details at a glance

The QASH token is the crypto currency of the QUOINE LIQUID platform. With the development a global, decentralized platform is to be created, which is to solve the liquidity problems of the crypto currencies and simplify the purchase and exchange of coins.

The QASH crypto currency is an ERC20 token, i.e. it is based on the Ethereum blockchain. The primary function of the token is to serve as a means of payment within the platform for different services. In addition, holding tokens at the QASH Wallet should also be rewarded with discounts and give the opportunity to invest in initial coin offerings that take place on the QASH platform. According to the developers, the token has the potential to replace bitcoin as a means of payment.

The main goal

The main goal of the development on www.onlinebetrug/en is the QUOINE LIQUID platform. This platform wants to bring liquidity into the business of crypto currencies. Many traders face the problem that most crypto currencies are tradable on a small number of exchanges. If one wants to swap between the different coins, this project usually includes several accounts on different exchanges, several conversions to Bitcoin/Ether or the purchase by means of Fiat money. Or in short: It can be extremely cumbersome. In addition, there are several fees. The QUOINE LIQUID platform connects these file sharing services.


This is done, among other things, through the World Book. This collects all prices of the stock exchanges and presents them in a concise list. Thus the trader immediately sees the cheapest price of the desired crypto currency. At the same time, this system also gives unknown and small file sharing networks the chance to be discovered. The platform is to produce exchange pairs between two currencies with two „books“, the Internal Order Book and the External Aggregate Order Book, which could not otherwise exist, as the crypto currencies are spread over different exchange exchanges.

Usually one can only exchange an alternative coin for bitcoin or ether, but this should make it possible to create completely new exchange pairs. Several technologies make these transactions possible: Matching Engine is capable of processing several million transactions per second. The Cross Currency Conversion Engine automates the conversion of crypto currencies into each other and makes them possible. Finally, Smart Order Routing, which monitors and lists the file-sharing exchanges. Prime Brokerage is like the platform’s user interface. This gives you access to the file-sharing services as if you had an account there. This is the only way to make the exchange possible.