Uniswap continues to advance – update could help UNI course

Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain, exceeded $ 3 billion in deposited capital yesterday. On Uniswap, the assets are in so-called liquidity pools, which in the end make trading possible in the first place. The liquidity providers, i.e. those who make the liquidity available, receive a share of the trading fees.

Uniswap is the largest decentralized exchange

Uniswap handled about $ 2 billion in trade yesterday. It is unclear whether it was a breakdown or something to do with yesterday’s hack from Harvest (FARM). The daily trading volume is currently „only“ around USD 400 million. The deposited capital has also decreased somewhat and is currently just under USD 3 billion.

The number of trading pairs here has risen to almost 20,000, doubling in just a few weeks. Of course, many tokens are also listed here without any use or actual value.

This now brings in over $ half a million per day in fees going to liquidity providers. Soon the UNI holders can decide how high the trading fees should be.

UNI token under pressure

However, the price of the UNI token has fallen significantly from the high of $ 8 to now $ 2.70. Nevertheless, the token could get momentum again as soon as the new version of Uniswap is released. An exact date is still pending.

Accordingly, it could be that the bottom for the UNI token has already been reached at around USD 2.50. The Uniswap token is a governance token in order to have a say in the future development of the platform.

Due to its decentralized nature, all regulatory requirements, in particular under the Securities Act 1933, cannot apply. Uniswap is based on several smart contracts and an open source code. Thus there is no person responsible who could prevent trading on the platform.

Part of this astonishing increase may well be due to it, especially since Uniswap was still a small dApp at the beginning of the year. At that time there was hardly any liquidity and almost no one traded on the platform.

Uniswap gets even better with V3

Uniswap now overshadows many large centralized exchanges. Last month, the platform outperformed Coinbase in terms of daily trading volume.

Anyone can add any trading pair on Uniswap. In addition, handling is child’s play and easy to understand, even for beginners. The platform lives from the community and this is clearly demonstrated by the network effect.

That basically makes this the Wikipedia of the exchanges. But there is an important advantage here over Wikipedia – there are no admins. Everyone is on their own here, as we already know from Bitcoin. Nobody can block or censor anything. Anyone can trade freely on Uniswap without providing personal information.

We are excited to see how things will continue and when the new Uniswap update will be released. Stay tuned.

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South Korea disputes responsibility for North Korean hacker attacks on crypto exchanges

Which authority in South Korea has to take care of the crypto hacking attacks of the North Korean regime?

A heated political debate has broken out in South Korea about which authority is responsible for defending against North Korean hacker attacks on domestic crypto exchanges.

The South Korean financial regulator recently emphasized that it does not see itself responsible

According to a report in Fn News, the South Korean Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSC) responded to a written question from the parliamentary committee on regulatory affairs on October 23. The FSC does not see itself as responsible for dealing with stolen crypto assets that were stolen from the Lazarus Group, a hacking group supported by the North Korean regime.

The supervisory authority argues that crypto exchanges simply do not fall within their area of ​​responsibility, without giving specific reasons.

Instead, she sees responsibility with the State Department and the Communications Authority (KCC)

Both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the KCC see the FSC as being responsible for damage caused to crypto exchanges by the hacker attacks, since these are financial matters. To this end, they emphasize that the financial supervisory authority is “fully entrusted with the processing and supervision of service providers for virtual assets, including crypto exchanges”.

The opposition parliamentarian Seong Il-jong also disagrees with the FSC’s assessment and points out that „with the amendment to the South Korean crypto law, all crypto-related processes have been placed under the supervision of the FSC“.

In February it was reported that the Lazarus Group had attacked several South Korean crypto exchanges in 2019.

In August, the US Army reported that North Korea has now stationed more than 6,000 hackers in countries such as Belarus, China, India, Malaysia and Russia.

BITCOIN ligger over et avgjørende nivå; HER ER DET Å SE TIL

  • Bitcoin og hele kryptomarkedet er fortsatt fanget i samme konsolideringsfase som de har blitt fanget i løpet av de siste dagene
  • Markedet har slitt med å opprettholde sin fremdrift ettersom trykket på kjøpesiden avtar
  • BTCs nåværende stabilitet er imidlertid ikke helt bearish, da det også indikerer at selgere ikke har noen seriøs støtte for øyeblikket
  • Hvor hele markedstrendene sannsynligvis avhenger av Bitcoin, som for tiden handler over et avgjørende nivå
  • En analytiker snakket om dette nivået i en nylig tweet, og forklarte at et forsvar av dette kan være alt som trengs for at det skal samles betydelig høyere

Bitcoin svever for tiden rundt $ 11,400, akkurat som det har vært de siste dagene og ukene.

Dens manglende momentum for sent har gjort lite for å gi noen betydelig innsikt i hvor det kan utvikle seg neste, med kjøpere og selgere som i stor grad når en blindgate som volatilitet og handelsvolum dykker.

Bulls har gjort noen få forsøk på å utløse skarpe bevegelser oppover, men hver og en har resultert i faste avslag som forårsaker vidtgående salg.

En analytiker bemerker nå at BTC fortsatt handler rett over et avgjørende nivå. Han bemerker at et forsvar på dette nivået kan bidra til å sende kryptoraketten høyere.


I skrivende stund handler Bitcoin marginalt ned til sin nåværende pris på $ 11.390. Dette er et hår nedenfor der det har handlet de siste dagene og ukene.

Bitcoin har beveget seg mot $ 11 600 ved flere anledninger de siste dagene, med selgere som utløser harde avslag hver gang dette nivået nærmer seg.

Inntil kjøpere kan få tilbake kontroll, er de tekniske utsiktene noe uklare og kan favorisere bjørner.


Den siste tiden av sidelengs handel har ikke vært nok til å presse Bitcoin under det som en analytiker beskriver som et „avgjørende nivå.“

Diagrammet han la frem viser at dette nivået eksisterer rundt $ 11 300, og diagrammet nedenfor indikerer at $ 12 000 vil være det neste logiske målet hvis dette fortsetter å holde seg sterkt.

“Bitcoin: Ganske standard fremdeles. Wicky struktur, men avgjørende nivå er fortsatt, ”sa han mens han pekte på diagrammet nedenfor.

Hvor hele markedstrendene neste vil sannsynligvis i stor grad avhenge av hvordan Bitcoin fortsetter å reagere på sin nedadgående støtte på $ 11,300, så vel som motstanden på oppsiden rundt $ 11,600.

Bitcoin steht kurz vor einem entscheidenden Kaufsignal

Bitcoin steht kurz vor einem entscheidenden Kaufsignal, das zuletzt Ende Juli gesehen wurde

Bitcoin hat in den letzten Tagen nach Wochen der Konsolidierung eine starke Rallye erlebt. Die führende Krypto-Währung hat gegenüber den Tiefstständen der letzten Woche von fast 10.400 Dollar rund 1.000 Dollar gewonnen.

Diese Rallye hat es ermöglicht, die technischen Argumente für weitere Aufwärtsbewegungen weiter auszubauen. Ein Krypto-Asset-Analyst bemerkte kürzlich, dass Bitcoin kurz davor steht, ein entscheidendes Kaufsignal laut Bitcoin Up zu bilden, das zuletzt Ende Juli, inmitten des starken Aufwärtstrends, der den Vermögenswert bis auf 12.500 $ steigen ließ, gesehen wurde. Sollte sich die Geschichte wiederholen, dürfte Bitcoin in den kommenden Tagen und Wochen weiter aufsteigen.

Josh Olszewicz, ein Krypto-Asset-Analyst, teilte kürzlich das unten stehende Diagramm mit. Es zeigt, dass die Ein-Tages-Ichimoku-Wolke der Krypto-Währung kurz davor steht, ein TK-Kreuz zu sehen, wenn die Linie in Blau die Linie in Rot kreuzt. Die Ichimoku-Wolke ist ein beliebter technischer Indikator, der wichtige technische Niveaus und

Das letzte Mal, als dieses zinsbullische Signal für Bitcoin gesehen wurde, war Ende Juli, inmitten des vertikalen Anstiegs von den $9.000 auf $11.000. Nachdem sich dieses Signal gebildet hatte, setzte die BTC ihre Rallye fort, was darauf hindeutet, dass die Krypto-Währung dies nun tun wird.

Das Signal wird sich möglicherweise noch einige Tage lang nicht bestätigen, je nachdem, wie sich die Preisaktion für Bitcoin in den kommenden Tagen vollzieht.

Kurzfristiger Ausblick schwach

Während sich Bitcoin einem entscheidenden Kaufsignal gegenübersieht, sind die kurzfristigen Aussichten schwach.

Ein Krypto-Asset-Händler teilte kürzlich das unten stehende Diagramm mit. Das Diagramm deutet darauf hin, dass es ein ziemliches Zusammentreffen von Trends gibt, die zeigen, dass in den kommenden Tagen ein Marktrückzug des Bitcoin-Preises stattfinden wird.

Das Chart zeigt, dass Bitcoin erst kürzlich eine „Sell 9“-Kerze gemäß der Tom Demark-Sequenz gebildet hat, was auf eine bevorstehende rückläufige Umkehr hindeutet. Derselbe Krypto-Asset-Händler fügte hinzu, dass Bitcoin auf seinem Vier-Stunden-Chart wichtige rückläufige Divergenzen gebildet hat. Die Divergenz hat sich zwischen dem Bitcoin-Preis und dem RSI und MACD auf der Vier-Stunden-Chart gebildet.

Previsão de preço de bitcoin: O BTC/USD respira enquanto flutua entre $10.000 e $11.100 Faixa de preço

Previsão de preços Bitcoin (BTC) – 5 de outubro de 2020

Desde 16 de setembro, o BTC/USD tem negociado entre $10.000 e $11.100. Os touros têm feito esforços frenéticos para quebrar a resistência de US$ 11.000, enquanto os ursos tentam o apoio psicológico de US$ 10.000.

  • Níveis de resistência: $10.000, $11.000, $12.000, $12.000
  • Níveis de apoio: $7.000, $6.000, $5.000
  • BTC/USD – Gráfico Diário

As barras de preço de Bitcoin Code estão abaixo das EMAs, o que é vantajoso para os ursos. Uma quebra acima dos EMAs significará um movimento ascendente da moeda. O preço quebrou acima da linha de resistência do canal descendente. Invariavelmente, isso significa que a moeda subirá.
BTC/USD – Gráfico de 4 Horas

Dentro do período de movimento de alcance, os touros testaram novamente a resistência de 11.000 dólares duas vezes, mas não conseguiram quebrar acima dela. A pressão de venda no nível de resistência foi mais convincente, pois a moeda caiu para o meio da faixa de preço. Precisamente, a BTC está negociando a $10.674 no momento em que foi escrita. Como a resistência torna-se difícil de ser quebrada pelos touros, uma quebra de $11.000 é inevitável. Uma fuga impulsionará a moeda em uma aceleração de preço para $11.800 de alta.

As chances de retesar os $12.000 e $12.400 de resistência aérea se tornam possíveis. Da mesma forma, o preço BTC encontrará uma quebra se o suporte provar um obstáculo para os ursos. Uma quebra abaixo do suporte de $10.000 afundará a moeda para o mínimo acima de $9.200. Enquanto isso, a moeda real está sendo negociada abaixo dos EMAs ou na zona de tendência de baixa.

Leitura de Indicadores Técnicos Bitcoin

Enquanto isso, a BTC está fazendo uma correção ascendente, já que atinge uma alta de US$ 10.700. Desta vez, se mergulhar, atingirá o mínimo acima de $10.000. A partir da ação do preço, o corpo da vela retraída testou o nível de retração Fibonacci de 61,8%. Isto implica que a moeda cairá para a extensão de 1.618 Fibonacci ou para a baixa de $10.041,20.